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At The CFO Resource Group, we provide your firm with professional, flexible expertise, so that you can focus on what counts - the leadership of your business. Our highly experienced CFOs, controllers and accountants work closely with your management team and staff until the job

is complete. Along the way, we strive to build internal capability and capacity. From critical transition periods to important projects, we provide the specific expertise you need for the right amount of time at the right price. 

Strategic Planning


  • Strategic financial & organizational planning

  • Metrics, dashboards, models & tracking​

  • Business unit and product growth planning

  • Sustainability and growth planning

  • Benchmarking and ongoing analysis

Finance & Accounting Oversight


  • Complete accounting support

  • Financial reporting​

  • Budgeting, forecasting and pro formas

  • Nonprofit and grant writing

Strategic Project Management


  • Project leading cooperation

  • Stakeholder updates and briefings

  • Intermediary role for government initiatives

Capital & Financing​


  • Capital projects, budgeting and planning

  • Entity structuring and registrations​

  • Pledge loan planning and education

Financial Leadership Coaching​


  • Financial reporting and ratio coaching

  • Industry best practices​

  • Leadership, focus and priority skills

Human Resources Oversight​


  • Organizational resource planning

  • Benefits, compensation and incentives​

  • Other staff and payroll issues

Board Governance Support​


  • Capital, financing and entity structuring

  • Board presentation and CEO support​

  • Cap table upkeep and investor relations

  • Pledge loan planning and execution

Risk & Compliance


  • Audit prep, guidance and support

  • Internal controls design

  • Cap table upkeep and administration

  • Insurance coverage review

  • Legal stop gap and point of contact

  • Tax planning and review

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